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Prescription Drugs

If you participate in either the Traditional PPO or Deductible PPO Health Plan (Empire Blue Cross), prescription drug coverage is provided through Express Scripts (formerly Medco). Prescription coverage is the same under either plan. If you participate in an HMO, refer to your HMO certificate for prescription drug coverage. If you participate in the UMR plan, refer to your Postdoctoral Benefits Handbook.

The Prescription Drug Plan is designed to cover most medications that require a physician's written prescription. You may get prescription drugs through mail order or a retail pharmacy.

Express Scripts will provide you with a Prescription Drug Identification card. The ID card serves as verification of enrollment in the plan. Do not use your Anthem Blue Cross PPO card at the pharmacy as Anthem Blue Cross does not cover prescription drugs for members of the PPO plan.

For more information, click the links below or refer to the Benefits Handbook or Postdoctoral Benefits Handbook.

You may also contact your campus benefits office.