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Specialty Medication

Specialty medication prescriptions must be filled through the Express Scripts mail order specialty pharmacy. This type of medication usually requires injection or infusion, and special handling including temperature control.

Patients needing specialty medication require continued treatment for long-term and often complicated diseases and associated conditions. The specialty pharmacy can support these needs with a specially trained team of pharmacists and registered nurses.  Call 800-803-2523 to find out more about this program.

If you submit a prescription for a specialty medication to a retail pharmacy, the pharmacy will instruct you to submit the prescription to the Express Scripts mail order specialty pharmacy.

Effective 2022:

The Research Foundation for SUNY is implementing a specialty pharmacy copay assistance program for PPO enrollees. Please note that there are certain specialty pharmacy drugs that are considered non-essential health benefits under the plan and the cost of these drugs will not be applied toward satisfying the participant’s out-of-pocket maximum. Although the cost of these drugs will not be applied towards satisfying a participant’s out-of-pocket maximum, the cost of the drugs will be reimbursed by the manufacturer at no cost to the participant. A listing of these drugs can be found at www.express-scripts.com.Copays for certain specialty medications may be set  to the max of the current plan design or any available manufacturer-funded copay assistance.