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BlueCross BlueShield Global Expatriate

The RF pays the full cost of this coverage. To enroll, contact your campus benefits office. Coverage becomes effective on the first of the month following the date your enrollment form is received. This coverage would replace your standard RF health coverage.  When you return to the US, you can re-enroll in the standard RF health coverage without incurring a waiting period.

The BlueCross BlueShield Global Expatriate (BCBSE) benefit provides up-front payment guarantees to hospital and physicians worldwide for comprehensive medical services.

The service also makes direct payments, and guarantees of payments, to physicians, laboratories, clinics and urgent care centers, and recommendations to facilities of all types.

Information on the plan is included in the BCBS Global Expatriate brochure (login required).  Travelers are encouraged to enroll on the carriers' websites before commencing travel. 


Any RF employee traveling outside of the country on RF official business for more than 180 days during a twelve-month period is eligible.

Travelers are required to enroll. Please contact your campus benefits office to enroll.