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International Travel Benefits

As SUNY and the Research Foundation reach out across the globe, international travel has become an increasingly common activity for RF employees.

To support these important research, education and training activities, the RF provides blanket international travel assistance coverage, as well as emergency health insurance benefits, for all persons traveling overseas on official RF business.

BlueCross BlueShield Global Traveler (formally GeoBlue Global Traveler)

Provides up-front payment guarantees to hospitals and physicians worldwide for non-routine medical care for all persons (other than independent contractors) traveling on RF business for periods of fewer than 180 consecutive days and their eligible dependents who travel with them.

The RF contracts with BlueCrossBlueShield Global (formally GeoBlue) to administer Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, including Global Security Services. Travel assistance benefits include a 24-hour/day-365 day/year call center where a traveler can obtain and has access to numerous services.

BlueCross BlueShield Global Expatriate (formally GeoBlue Expatriate)

Provides up-front payment guarantees to hospitals and physicians worldwide, and covers RF employee expatriates who are outside the U.S. for more than 180 consecutive days.

SUNY benefits for employees and students

SUNY also provides international travel and health benefits for their faculty, staff and students who are traveling on SUNY programs. Participants are enrolled by the campus at which they work or study; an insurance premium is required. Please contact the SUNY international benefit administrator at your location for more information.

How your regular employee benefits are impacted

For information as to how international travel impacts your regular employee benefits, please refer to the International Travel Q&A document.