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Long Term Illness

Short Term Disability

Under New York State Law, the RF provides this off-the-job illness or injury coverage to all employees.

  • You must first exhaust any sick leave benefits.
  • After a seven calendar day waiting period, you receive 50 percent of your average salary for the eight weeks prior to disability, up to the maximum benefit established under the New York State Disability Benefits Law, currently $170 per week.
  • You can receive benefits up to a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • Your medical claims should be submitted to your health insurance plan. 

The health, dental, vision care and life insurance benefits in effect when you became disabled will be continued for the period of time during which partial income replacement is received through New York State Disability insurance, subject to the terms of those plans.

Long Term Disability

In the event that you have a serious or long term illness, the RF may provide Long Term Disability Insurance benefits on your behalf.

The long term disability benefit begins on the first day following 180 consecutive days of a certified total disability (or when full sick leave payments end, if later) and ensures a monthly income on a long-term basis. You may receive 60 percent of your regular monthly salary up to a maximum of $7,500 per month (this amount is offset by other income such as disability insurance, Workers’ Compensation and actual or estimated Social Security benefits).

If your disability extends beyond 180 days and you qualified for Long Term Disability benefits before you became disabled, you are eligible to apply for benefits under the Long Term Disability Insurance Plan, insured by First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.

If you are receiving Long Term Disability payments, the benefits in effect at the time you became disabled will continue under the same terms and conditions that apply to active employees. Based on your date of employment, coverage continues as outlined in the “Continuing Benefits” section of the Benefits Handbook.

See the Benefits Handbook and the Long Term Disability Web pages for eligibility, process, and benefit details.

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

While on short term disability, you may also be entitled to Family and Medical Leave.  See the Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Web page for additional information.