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Leaving the RF

If you are leaving the employment of the RF, please notify your manager as soon as possible and provide a letter of resignation. Additionally, please contact your campus Benefits Office.

For more information, refer to these documents:

Health, Dental and Vision Plans

Your health benefit will end 28 days after your last day of employment with the RF. This includes termination of coverage for all dependents included on your plan.

You are eligible to continue your health benefit through COBRA. COBRA is a federal law that requires employers to offer its employees and their covered dependents the right to continue health, dental and vision care coverage.

The right to choose continuation of coverage is available after an employee terminates employment, either voluntarily or involuntarily, or when the employee or dependent is no longer eligible for coverage because of certain qualifying events (e.g., reduction in hours of employment or a child reaching the limiting age).

As an alternative to continuing RF coverage, you can enroll for coverage through www.healthcare.gov. Those without coverage may qualify for federal subsidies to help them purchase coverage.

Your campus Benefits Office will provide you with a packet of information when you become COBRA eligible

Basic, Optional, and Dependent Life Insurance

You may continue your basic and optional group goverage under the RF policy for up to 12 months by paying premiums directly to Securian Life. After the 12 month continuation is exhausted, you may port or convert your Basic and Optional Life Insurance coverage to an individual policy.

"Port" means to continue the policy in its current form, with rates that increase as you age. "Convert" means to convert the policy to a whole life policy which initialy has higher premiums, but those premium remain stable as you get older. You must port coverage on yourself in order to port coverage on your dependents.

You may not exceed the amount for which you were insured under the RF's group policy.

This individual policy will be issued at the insurance company's regular rates and will not require proof of good health. You must submit an application and pay the first premium within 31 days after your coverage ends.

Please contact Securian Life at 877-491-5265 or your campus benefits office for additional information.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The Dependent Care FSA is not eligible for continuation upon termination of employment; however, you can continue to request reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred until you exhaust your account balance or the plan year ends.

Note: IRS requirements for an eligible expense under this benefit is that your spouse must be working, and you must be actively at work at the RF at the time the expense is incurred.

Except as provided by COBRA, reimbursement through the Health Care FSA for health care expenses is only allowed after termination of employment if the expenses were incurred prior to your termination at the RF.

As a result of the termination of your employment, you may choose to continue your Health Care FSA. Please refer to the COBRA Q&A section of the Flexible Benefits Plan Reference Guide.

Types of Retirement Plans

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