` SUNY RF - Benefits

Health Insurance - Eligibility

The following people are eligible for coverage under the GSEHP:

  • SUNY graduate students employed by the Research Foundation (RF)
  • SUNY graduate and postdoctoral fellows
  • their eligible dependents

Eligibility requirements for each are described in the following sections.

Graduate Students

An employee who is a State University of New York (SUNY) graduate student in active Research Foundation employment status and who meets the following criteria is eligible for coverage. The graduate student is:

  • a SUNY graduate student employed by the Research Foundation in an RF student title, whose work coordinates with education and training leading to the fulfillment of academic requirements, or a post-doctoral fellow of the Research Foundation,
  • and receiving an annual salary or stipend of at least $4,293 ($165.12 bi-weekly) for the Plan Year and paid bi-weekly through the Research Foundation payroll system,
  • and appointed to a position for which it is anticipated that funds will be available for an appointment period of at least one semester, and
  • employed in active pay status. (Graduate student employees may be eligible for coverage during the summer period even if not in active pay status. Refer to "Summer Period: Continuation of GSEHP Benefits" for more information.)


Graduate and postdoctoral fellows receiving an annualized stipend of at least $4,293 through the RF payroll system are eligible for coverage.

Family Coverage 

For more information about eligible dependents, refer to the Covered Dependents page.

Eligibility During the Summer Period

An employee who is covered by the plan during the spring semester will continue to be covered during the summer period, even if not in active pay status, if the operations manager or delegate certifies that the employee is expected to be reappointed in the fall.
The Research Foundation will continue to make the same contributions towards coverage, but the employee must prepay the entire employee share of the premium for the summer period.

Note: If a student continues to work during the summer period, no certification by the project director is required and employee contributions remain the same.